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Which Timber Should I Choose?

Here at Armstrong Joinery we are constantly researching alternative timbers and processes to offer cost effective joinery solutions to meet our customers requirements. We are also passionate about sustainability and protecting the environment that’s why we only use FSC timber.

Most recently, we have been working with a South American timber called Red Grandis, a member of the Eucalyptus family. We do use a variety of hardwoods including Sapele, Dark Red Meranti and Accoya for their beauty, versatility and durability but what most attracted us to Red Grandis was it’s incredible credentials as it is Pure (100%) FSC certified. FSC certification reflects the proper use of forestry resources through regulation which ensure that plantations are well managed with consideration for people, workers, wildlife and the environment.

Whilst working with Red Grandis in the machine shop, it has proved to be a high-grade, clear timber with superior consistency in colour, appearance, grain and workability and can be stained or painted or left untreated to weather to an attractive silver grey colour. In fact, Red Grandis can be stained to resemble other species such as oak, offering a very attractive and cost effective alternative.

Red Grandis

Durable and easily machined, Red Grandis is a great timber for windows and doors. As a member of the Eucalyptus family, it is very consistent in colour, and appearance and is resistant to insect attack and decay. It is FSC certified, which means it is environmentally friendly.
The stability of Red Grandis means it lasts for around 10 to 15 years, making it a very suitable window timber.


If you want the same aesthetics as mahogany but are looking for a more cost-effective option, then Sapele is the perfect solution. Sapele is much more sustainable than mahogany, which means it is a lot cheaper while still possessing fantastic levels of durability and strength. The reddish-brown hardwood has very similar characteristics to mahogany, and the straight grains make it suitable for painting. Its sustainability makes it a perfect choice for the more environmentally conscious homeowner.

Dark Red Meranti

Red Meranti comes in lots of sub-species, meaning it has various colours and densities. Grown in South East Asia, it is very good value for money and is naturally resistant to decay and insect attack.

It doesn’t take preservatives easily but is very good value for money.


Accoya wood is the industry-leading timber choice for window frames. It is engineered timber grown from sustainable sources and manufactured after 80 years of extensive research to come up with the perfect solution.

It is treated with ascetic acid, which reaches the core of the timber to preserve and strengthen it. Accoya is graded as class one durable – the highest level of durability- making it the best wood for windows.

It is extremely resistant to decay and rot, with a 50-year anti-rot guarantee. The initial cost of Accoya wood is very high, but it’s the best wood type on the market, and its low maintenance qualities and life span will save you money in the long run.


Paint Finish

With our own in-house spraying booth we can offer a full 3 coat spray paint finish using a high quality water based paint system to achieve a flawless finish. All RAL colours are available and additionally a two-tone finish can also be achieved, allowing you to have a different colour finish externally and internally. 


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